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About Us

While no one can “see” the future, every successful venture shapes theirs, by planning for success and then executing against that plan.

But those plans need to continually adapt. Usually, the best minds within fast-growing companies are spending so much time keeping up with the growth that critical planning just doesn’t get done.

That’s where we come in, with a detailed assessment of your business that results in something much more than a binder that will sit on a shelf. Because unlike consultants who offer a roadmap based on industry standards – as if every business was the same – we develop an actionable strategy aligned to your core business model, building on what made you profitable in the first place.

Elm Street Management LLC offers integrated consulting and outsourcing options to start-ups and small to mid-sized companies in the disciplines of Accounting/Finance and Operations. We provide innovative business solutions that empower clients with a competitive advantage, enabling them to focus on their strengths. At the same time, we deliver quality services with our highly motivated and skilled team of professionals.

Whether you are a start-up company or have an established business, our corporate services model can help you grow and thrive with a proven cost-effective and “value-add” approach. Our business solutions can be applied to multiple industries and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.